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Optional of Aluminum Profiles

Electronic products include large mechanical equipment, a very important part or workpiece is heat dissipation, often is currently using a supporting aluminum-shaped material radiator.
Choose steel radiator to pay attention to internal anti-corrosion:The cast iron radiator is eliminated, and it is mainly used to use steel radiator, but the current anti-corrosion effect is good or aluminum type material heat exchanger. In addition, some radiators manufacturers in the market have vigorously promote its radiator products "no weld". In fact, this is not much more of the corrosion of the radiator. Because the corrosion of the steel radiator is not in the weld, this is determined by the corrosion principle of the steel radiator.The cast iron radiator has been the leading product in the my country market for a long time due to the advantages of low price and corrosion resistance. However, due to many steel joints, corrosion leakage is easily leaking. So in recent years, it has been gradually eliminated.