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Stainless steel screw mold

Everyone knows that the stainless steel screws are now in the form of a mold that requires stainless steel screws. During the production of stainless steel fasteners, the mold is subject to impact load, in order to reduce the damage in the form of use during use, damage to the collapse and other forms, require mold steel to have a set of toughness.
The number, morphology, size and distribution of stainless steel screw molds, grain size, pureness, carbide and inclusions, etc., and factors such as the heat treatment system of the die steel bring a lot of steel influences. It is more obvious that the purity of steel is the impact of the horizontal toughness of the steel. Steel toughness, strength, and wear resistance are often contradictory. Therefore, the chemical composition of steel should be reasonably selected and the reasonable refining, thermal processing and heat treatment process is used to make the wear resistance, strength, and toughness of the mold material to better cooperation.