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CNC Machining Center Time Maintenance Item

CNC machining center Time maintenance item:

1. Check the lubrication system, pressure gauge, clean the lubrication system filter, replace the lubricant, dredge oil road,

2, check the airway system, clean the air filter, eliminate the leakage of the pressure gas.

3, check the liquid road system, clean the filter, clean the fuel tank, replace or filter the oil. The seal is replaced in the case of allowing.

4, fasten each transmission component, replace the non-hosted CNC processing volume.

5, grease lubrication parts, follow-up, filling grease

6, clean, clean each passing surface,

7. Check the case of the knife, the robot, analyze the mechanical wear, and propose CNC processing recommendations to customers.

8. Batch the damage to the external component.

9, check the shield. Feed back CNC processing information to customers accurately.