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CNC Machining

The correct posture is maintained in the CNC machining, there must be sufficient spiritual substance to deal with work. If you find that your body is uncomfortable, you need to leave your position immediately, and reflect to the leading cadres. Actual operation is always concentrated, prohibiting chat, mutual cooperation, operators should not actually operate in an upset and exhausted situation to prevent security accidents to ensure operational safety. All employees have entered the post to check whether their own clothing is working standards. It is forbidden to wear cold drag, high heel shoes and hazardous costumes, and leave long hair.

When the CNC machining is removed, the high-powered power is first powered. After the high-speed punch moving unit is terminated, it can be installed and adjusted. After the installation adjustment is completed, take the right water pump flywheel test 2 times, check if the left and right mold is symmetrical, effective, whether the screw is firm, whether the wrap is in an effective part.

CNC processing must wait all other people to leave the mechanical work area, and after taking the debris on the workbench, the power is turned on.