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What are the Ways to Open the CNC Machining Bearing?

CNC machining is an automated machine tool that can be efficiently machined and there are many functions. Bearings are a component of CNC machining, its main function is to support the rotation of the machine, down the friction coefficient of motion, and ensure its reverse accuracy. In this chapter, it is mainly what methods are described in the narrative of bearings.

1, knocking method

Time points of the tap will be in the inner ring of the CNC processing bearing. This method is relatively simple, but it is more likely to hazard the bearing. The split time is on the underground of the bearing on the bearing, and then the beam will be removed by the hand hammer.

2, pull out

With dedicated pull, only rotate the handle, the CNC processing bearing can be pulled out, which is noted that the pull-up is less than 90 ° on the end surface of the bearing inner ring and pulling.

3, pressure pressure method

This approach can be completed with a press, and relatively safe for CNC processing bearings, but it should be noted that the power point of the press should be placed on the center of the axis.

4, hot displacement method

Pour the bearing of about 100 ° with an oil pot on the CNC processing bearing, heat rising the radiation principle, and the bearing will be blocked after heat, and this time points can be pulled out with pull. Use this method to be a little bit to avoid being burned.

5, induction heating method

This method is better, induction current occurs in the CNC processing bearing circle, and then the bearings will be hot, so that we can easily unpack the spindle.