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CNC Processing Technology Level and Requirements

With such a long time learning and accumulation, you should reach the following CNC processing technology levels and requirements:

1. Familiar with the structure, process characteristics of drill, milling, boring, grinding, planer,

2, familiar with the performance of Dongguan CNC processing materials.

3, solid tool theoretical basics, master the routine cutting amount of the tool, etc.

4. Familiar with the process specifications, guidelines, guidelines, and general requirements for CNC processing in the CNC processing, and conventional parts. Reasonable material consumption and working hours.

5. Collect a certain amount of tool, machine tool, and mechanical standards. Particularly be familiar with the tool system for the CNC machining CNC machine.

6. Familiar with the selection and maintenance of the coolant.

7. There must be a common understanding of related work. For example: casting, electric processing, heat treatment, etc.

8, there is a good fixation basis.

9. Understand the assembly requirements of the CNC machining parts.

10, have a good measurement technology foundation.