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Basic security requirements for mechanical equipment in CNC machining

The basic safety requirements of mechanical equipment in CNC processing, mainly mechanical equipment layout is reasonable, facilitating operator loading and unloading workpiece, processing observation, and removing debris, while Yaoyao is convenient for maintenance personnel inspection and maintenance. The strength of the mechanical equipment in the CNC machining, the strength of the components, the stiffness, the security requirements, and the installation is firm and cannot malfunction.

The mechanical equipment in the CNC machining must be reasonable, reliable and does not affect the safety device of the operation in accordance with the safety requirements. E.g:

1. For the zero of the rotary movement in CNC machining, the part should be installed to prevent the shield or protective baffles, protective railings, etc., to avoid the occurrence of debris.

2. For the ultra-voltage, overload, ultra-temperature, overtime, superpostation, overload, ultra-temperature, overstime, and superpurer, etc., to install an insurance device, every time the dangerous situation occurs, the role of the insurance device is excluded to prevent The occurrence of an accident.

3. When some of the actions in CNC machining requires warning or reminding attention to people, they must set up a signal device or a warning sign.

4. For certain motion sequences in CNC machining, the components should be assembled. That is, an action must be done after the previous action is completed, otherwise it is impossible to move. This will ensure that the accident will not occur because of the order of action.