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The Principle that CNC Machining Must Follow

In the precision parts processing process, the reasonable process line is an important principle of unchanging. A CNC machining part often has several surfaces that require processing, which not only has certain precision requirements, but also have a certain precision requirement between each surface. In order to ensure the size of the position, the line sequence of each surface of the CNC processing can not be arranged casually, but must follow certain principles, which is the selection and conversion of the positioning baseline determines the order of processing, and the pre-step is ready for the subsequent process. Important principles. Take a look at the following points:

1. CNC machining precision parts should take a rest for the precision in front of the important surface, to facilitate the guarantee of the machining accuracy of important surfaces.

2. After CNC machining set, it will follow the main surfaces of the major surfaces, and the semi-precision and finishing are obtained by the majority of accuracy requirements. Precision requires a particularly high surface that needs to be performed.

3, the importance of the refined basis, the surface of the fine reference should be processed at the beginning of the CNC processing process, because other surfaces are processed in the subsequent process to be positioned. That is, "other after the first reference".

4. Important principles of CNC machining process, when processing the base, need to be positioned. In single-piece, small batch parts processing, even batch production, for molds and forgings with large shape, larger dimensional errors, first arrangement of scribing processes before mechanical processing processes, in order to Facial basis is provided to find a positive reference.

5, CNC machining For the process, finishing and optical processing can be properly placed in front of the process, and some sub-small surfaces can be placed behind. Reasonable planning and processing routes to avoid depletion.

6, the requirements of the machine's own precision, the precision CNC processing parts not only require a reasonable processing process, but also the machine's own precision. Otherwise, good processing technology support will not meet accurate requirements.