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CNC machining causes the reason why the workpiece

In the CNC machining, there are many reasons. There are many reasons, and the CNC processing and processing parts are gently replaced and then processed. If the CNC processing parts are directly invalid, especially the large-scale mold processing, the workpiece is over-cut is the most headache. One thing, how to deal with it, the following I summarized the CNC machining work experience to share with you.

If the CNC processing, if it is manually programmed, it is to forget to take into account the cutter radius. If it is unpredictable, if it is software programming, it may be the selected tool pair, not more cut, these two programming Methods will cause overall CNC processing and processing parts.

2. The CNC machining and processing piece has a tool to choose a fault. It is necessary to use a diameter of 16mm milling cutter than the program. The result is a 20mm milling cutter. Although the eyes are not large, but the CNC made The machining and processing piece will become smaller. This requires careful way to see if the tool diameter is reasonable before processing, do not save luck.

3. The CNC machining and processing piece has a reason that the workpiece coordinate system is input when the zero is hit. It must be remembered that the radius value of the zero rod, the tool compensation input is faulty, the knife is long, the tool radius compensation is obtained. The input is correct, if the knife is long input length 0.5mm, then the workpiece is 0.5mm, and the large workers can not be used directly. The tool radius compensation is still being a negative knife to make up the processing. If you don't directly go down the knife, It will cause the workpiece over.

The above is the reason why there are several common CNC processing and processing parts, and the other is like the spindle. The color of the ball screw will be presented during the processing. After the cut is cut, it should be timely check reason, to prevent similar conditions again occur.