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The feature of the lathe turning

1. The lathe turning is easy to ensure the position accuracy of each machining surface of the workpiece

A for example, it is easy to ensure the coaxiality requirements
The workpiece is installed with chuck, and the rotation axis is the rotation axis of lathe spindle
Use the front and rear centers to install the workpiece, and the rotation axis is the central connecting line of the two centers

B it is easy to ensure the perpendicularity between the end face and the axis. The perpendicularity between the guide rail of the transverse slide and the rotation axis of the workpiece is required

2. (the lathe turning)The cutting process is relatively stable, avoiding inertia force and impact force, allowing large cutting parameters and high-speed cutting, which is conducive to the improvement of productivity.

3. (The lathe turning) is suitable for finishing of non-ferrous metal parts
The surface roughness of non-ferrous metal parts is large and the Ra value is required to be small, so grinding is not suitable, and turning or milling are required. High quality can be achieved when fine turning is carried out with diamond turning tool.

4. Simple tool
The manufacturing, grinding and installation of turning tools are convenient.