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CNC machining things need to pay attention

First, all employees check if their costumes can meet the work requirements before entering the CNC processing position. Do not wear slippers, high heels and impact, safe clothing, staying long hair to wear a hard hat. Keep a correct posture while working, there must be adequate mental cope with work, if we find that our body is not suitable for leaving the job immediately, and reflects the leadership.

Second, CNC machining mechanical operation before checking whether the processing site is filled with lubricants, then start checking the clutch, whether the brake is normal, and rotates the machine tool for 1-3 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to operate the machine.

Third, when replacing the CNC processing mold, first need to turn off the power, and the punching management department does not stop working, and can begin to install, debug molds. After the installation is completed, use your hand to move the flywheel test twice, check whether the upper and lower mold design has symmetrical, reasonable, the screw is rugged, whether the embossed circle is in a reasonable position.

4. The machine cannot be started before leaving the CNC processing machine workspace and removes the debris on the workbench.

5. After the operation of CNC processing, it is operated by one person, and the other people cannot press the electricity or foot swing switchboard, and the hand cannot be placed in a mechanical design work area or touch the machine with hand. part. When the hard work is processed, it is forbidden to extend the hand into the slider mechanism work area.

6. Close the CNC processing idle power supply and organize the finished product, border, debris to ensure the safety of the work environment.