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The Application of 3D printers in Education

In addition to the fields close to production and life, the education market  has always been valued by major manufacturers.
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In primary and secondary schools, with the popularization of quality education, colleges and universities pay more and more attention to the introduction of fresh disciplines and innovative skills, taking this as an opportunity to improve the comprehensive ability of students. 3D printing adds fresh blood to the development of quality education, breaks the traditional cognition of abstract and theoretical concepts of traditional subjects, teaches students basic modeling knowledge,and stimulates students' fun, inspiration, improves their ability fully.

With the rapid development of the field of "additive manufacturing", 3D printing has played an important role in practical applications in various fields. All secondary and higher vocational colleges keep pace with the times and actively accept and absorb innovative technologies. In promoting professional construction and talent training,improving professional ability, and promoting the integration of production and education, we use competitions, exchanges and other methods to cultivate talents in line with the development of the industry.

As a beneficiary group, students have made continuous breakthroughs in 3D printing assembly, production, operation, maintenance, and process innovation, and then can professionally connect with mold, numerical control, and machining majors. Enterprises help to realize the combination of 3D printing system and traditional teaching system, and provide 3D printing laboratory integration solutions. With the investment of manufacturers, the scientific research conditions of colleges and universities are becoming more and more sophisticated, and with the help of related companies such as maker education in the market, the employment prospects are becoming more and more popular, and the 3D printing industry is walking steadily on a bright road. School-enterprise cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, create an excellent 3D printing industry-university-research environment. Such a high-quality growth environment gives 3D printing high-quality soil for flowering and fruiting. At the same time, it also allows everyone who pays attention to 3D printing to retain good hopes for 3D printing。

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