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What items need to be calculated for the stamping process of hardware accessories?

What items need to be calculated for metal stamping process? Metal stamping is a process that uses punch and die to deform or fracture stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and heterosexual materials to achieve a certain shape and size. Metal stamping process can be roughly divided into two categories: separation process and forming process (also divided into bending, deep drawing and forming). The separation process is to separate the stamping part from the blank along a certain contour line in the stamping process, and the quality of the separation section of the stamping part should also meet certain requirements; The forming process is to make the stamping blank plastic deformation without damage and convert it into the required finished shape. At the same time, it should also meet the requirements of dimensional tolerance and so on. So what items need to be calculated for metal stamping process? Now let's talk about the calculation of metal stamping process. The specific contents are as follows:

1. Calculation of blank size and semi-finished product size of metal stamping parts.

2. Calculation of metal stamping process force. Including blanking force, bending force, tensile force, blank holder force, unloading force, pushing force, etc;

3. Calculation of pressure center of metal stamping die. In particular, this calculation should be paid more attention to the dies for stamping workpieces with complex shapes, punching dies with multi punch and progressive dies

4. Determine the clearance and fillet radius of punch and die, and calculate the size of working part of punch and die.

5. Calculation of elastic elements. Such as the determination of the free height and preloading shrinkage of rubber or spring;

6. Strength check of relevant parts of metal stamping die. Such as the strength check of slender punch, weak concave die, high stress ejector rod and threaded pull rod of elastic buffer.